By D. H. Eraldi

Come visit western Montana, the setting for SETTLER'S LAW, a novel of 1883 Montana Territory.

Sett Foster's Homeland

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Author's note:
I'm often asked if SETTLER'S LAW is based on real characters. It's not, but while Sett, Ria, Poke and Muldoon live only in the pages of the story, the mountains, rivers and canyons are indeed real. The story takes place on the Jackson Ranches, in the Smith River Valley, east of Helena, Montana. I hope you enjoy reading the passages and seeing my photographs of this beautiful scenery which inspired the tale.

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All photos by DH. Eraldi

D. H. Eraldi
April 2007
Miller's Trading Post The Narrows Graveyard The bluff overlooking the camp Old Blackfeet Camp The Line Cabin The Foster Homestead White Buffalo Mountain Trail Cairn Forest The old Blackfeet trail The wagon road to Helena